Need help with RPG cursor on selection in gamepad menu

Hello everyone,
i started a few month ago with UE4 so i am fairly new to the engine.
Had no coding experience but blueprints make it possible for me to work on something, which is really cool :cool:

Found already a lot of useful informations here on the forum that help me learn all the blueprint stuff but the thing where i struggle now for over a month is the “fake mouse cursor” you have in JRPGs like final fantasy, “tales of series” or well… in every jrpg. :rolleyes:

My menus are controlled with a gamepad only and selecting an entry is done with changing a INT variable when pressing up/down on the d-pad.
At the moment i made that the background color (border) changes on the selected entry but already have a lot problems when the image inside the border fills everything so the background cannot be seen.

Now i want to add a indicator (decorative mouse cursor) to the selected “button”. It would stay on top of the list entry and exceed the bounds of the dynamic loaded button and the list in that they are placed in. i made a small example as gif animation to show what i want to archive.
and on top of it the position change of the selection would be animated.

i have seen in this UE4 video that something like this is possible but i have no clue how this was done.

does this have something to do with canvas slots? thats the only thing i found so far but couldnt get it working. or is there a better way to do this? :frowning:

my english is not very good but i hope you understand what i mean :smiley: