Need help with rotation

Hi guys, this question is actually split in 2, one blueprint-related and the second more “learning” oriented.

So for the first question, I have my character blueprint and I have a separate “gravity platform” blueprint with a box collision and an arrow component in it that shows which way is the platform UpVector.
Now, on collision with the platform, I need a function that given the colliding actor world rotation and the platform world rotation, outputs the resulting Rotator that would change the colliding actor rotation so that his UpVector would end up matching the platform UpVector.
Which node does that in blueprint??

On the second question (not blueprint related), I realize how important is to understand vectors, coordinate space, matrix rotations, quaternions and so on, not to be able to “re-implement” this stuff in the engine but just even to know when I need one and visually understand what that calculation is doing and what is giving me back. The more I try (and fail), the more I feel this stuff is really important.
So can you recomend me some books (possibly listed by reading order) that can guide a math begginner into being a master of those topics?
(no “you don’t need that level of knowledge” answers, please)
Thanks :slight_smile: