Need Help With Rotating UMG Image w/o Changing It's Transform

Hi everyone! There’s a mechanic in the game that allows you to rotate an item in an inventory. I’m attempting to rotate an image within a UMG widget, but I’m having issues scaling it to fit vertically. Essentially when the image is rotated, its bounds are rotated as well. So if I try to make the parent vertically thin (see last picture), the image goes out of bounds. I tried using a scale box on both x & y, but there’s no effect.

Rotating the image like this can create issues when trying to fit in a vertical space such as this. The image is cut off.


There doesn’t seem to be a way to make it fill the vertical space when the image is angled 90 degrees. I’m hoping there’s a way to rotate a texture2D image and then assign it to the UMG image’s brush texture. Any help on this?

I was able to figure it out by creating a material instance w/ parameters. Here is my solution: