Need help with rotating player camera

Hello, I am trying to implement a sort of aim assist in a multiplayer project. I already created/did all the math and logic behind it. Now I just need my player camera to rotate to a enemy. As of right now, I was thinking of using the “RInterp To” node to rotate my player camera like this:

Am I using the wrong node?.. My logic for the aim assist (for now) is: 1. Get the angle between my player forward vector and player-to-enemy vector, 2. Check if there is anything in between the player and enemy, 3. Check if this is the right distance to allow aim assist, 4. Lock on.

I also think the “RotationFromXVector” node is probably wrong too since this is a 3d game, but I’m not sure what to use instead…

My camera is attached to a springarm that is inside my player.