Need help with rigging.

Uh I will upload a picture to show you, im a beginner. So I am really stuck don’t really know what to google or youtube for this fix either. Really appreciated thanks!

**Whenever I rotate, or move any joint to be more precise other parts of the model is affected and disfigures everything, I dont really know how to go forward from here… Also, do I like colour my model before or after rigging?!

Look up “Skinning” for whatever app you are using - skinning is the process of saying “this polygon on the mesh is attached to this particular bone” so if you are rotating a bone and some polys on the other side of the model are moving, then you need to tell them to not be influenced by that bone - and that’s called “Skinning” and/or “Weight Painting” - so try to look up tutorials on those two key words to get you started

Thank you my friend will do!