Need help with RenderToTexture Unwrapping

I am trying to learn how to render Unreal materials to texture for simplification purposes, using the documentation covered here:

Following the instructions they outline, I’ve created a simple scene with a sphere and a material from the Unreal library. I’ve added a “UnwrapUVsforRender” node into the material and connected it to the material’s WorldPositionOffset input. Also, adding a RenderToTexture_LevelBP node into the scene with the Sphere mesh selected for “Render To Texture Mesh” and the Unwrap option is enabled. However, when I render out the channels to bitmaps using “ke * rendertextures” during the playing of the project, the mesh is not unwrapped and the output is equivalent to just a screenshot. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong and why no unwrapping occurs?

My project for illustration (the content is within \Content\GT_Free2019\Maps\SingleSphere level) is available here: