Need help with rag doll physics,please :)

Hey all,

So i am fairly new to Unreal Engine, have been learning it for the past few months, but i have run into a hiccup that i cant seem to figure out.


I have an animal(fox) model rigged and everything, with animations. What i want to do is attach another animal(rabbit) to the other animals mouth so it looks like he has killed his prey and is holding it. I have managed to parent the rabbit to the socket of my other model, so that the rabbit follows with the other animals animations…Buuuut it looks very unnatural , so i was hoping to add rag doll physics to the rabbit so that it looks more believable. How would i go about doing this ? i have tried simulating physics and using the physics anchor and it works nicely in the window but when i click play in the editor the rabbit just flies straight down and i have tried turning gravity off. I have created a character BP for the fox and have created a static mesh(rabbit) and parented it to the fox head socket via the BP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, please let me know if anything is unclear.

Thanks very much, have a good day.