Need Help with Raft size/usable surface.

I am trying to resize the usable/walkable surface of a raft. I have tried to just scale the skeletal mesh and the platform skeletal mesh within the raft but what happens is the raft gets larger but when i walk past the point that the original size was I just fall through the raft. Ideal would be for the raft to stay the same size but allow for a larger surface even invisible, to work on. The over all issue is that i have a platform that snaps to the raft and when i try to place items at the end i get the error “to far above platform”. Thanks ahead of time for any help!

I’ve found that the collision boxes of some actors are kinda funky, you may want to see if you can add a Collision Component of some sort to the actor in its Components section. This is mostly from messing around with a resized Manta, so I’m not quite sure how it works with structures. Sorry I couldn’t be of more direct help, but that’s the area I would look into as I’d assume if the collisions are not directly based on the mesh then they’ll be based on another component within the actor.

Thanks for the reply. That will take place in the skeletal mesh from what i can see. I will have to look into how to edit that. Thanks!