Need Help with PRECISE/CALCULATED Player Movement

I’m pretty experienced with Blueprint, but so far I’ve just been working with character controller and manipulating multiple values to move my pawn around the way I want to. But the movement of the the character controller is all physics/velocity based.
If I wanted precised movement (ie. 250 units exactly every time I dodge), what would be the best way to go about that?

I have tried [Set Actor Location] (Per frame for X seconds) which is the closest I’ve gotten to precise movement, but that causes my player to go through collisions.

(Example: Smash Bros | Dodging Mechanic: Same Distance Everytime)
If anyone could give me a general idea of how to go about that or a link to a video I would highly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Did checking the sweep bool within the SetActorLocation not work? If not, you can also manually do collision checking by using one of the trace functions in the direction you are moving the player.

Facepalm So simple. The Sweep Bool totally fixed all my problems. Silly me. Thanks a ton JLB!