Need help with point gravity for spheres (Super mario galaxy style gravity)

Hey there! I’ve been pre-producing for an upcoming university project for a while now, and the last step in creating a playable prototype is point gravity(Gravity that pulls the player to a static mesh such as a sphere/planet). I’ve been trying to get this working for about a month, and I’ve searched pretty much every page on google and I’ve found that multiple people have been able to get it working inside blueprints and seen some videos of it working. I might be able to program the function with some guidance, but i’d much rather use blueprints. I’ve found some helpful guides here and there, but I really need some kind of step-by-step guide or a screenshot on how to make it work, since I’ve been trying for so long and would love to be able to move on with the project. Here are some of the references I’ve been using- would anyone be able to guide me from here?

Thanks a lot for your time! Hopefully if I can get this working, people in the future can use this as reference.

show what you have and then we can start discussion.
small tip, stock CharacterMovement is not your friend in this case.

I’m using a modified “Rolling Ball” template that works with Impulse force. Right now I’m messing around gravity vectors, up vectors, and I’ve managed to get planet gravity working with radial force actors but it’s not ideal because it inverts the up and down controls. Apart from that,I’ve not got anything for the gravity system yet made down in blueprints.

search 6-dof control, your goal should be at least roaming a ball on a planet without camera jittering or Gimbal lock.
Then extend from there.