Need help with Paper 2d animations

Hi , there is not much material on 2D adventure games , like hollow knight, Salt and sanctuary type of game.
I’ve been struggling to create Blueprint logic responsible for the animations correctly.
If anybody knows, if there is some “Project” or a full tutorial covering the Blueprint system similar to the genre, explaining the interactions between eachother, so that they were customizable.
Basically if there is a demo project with, Flipbook sets interacting with eachother correctly (Idle, Jump, Fall, Attack and so on) Please guide me, so I could do my research and try to understand it. Thank you

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Hey @ForsakenEcho!

What you are looking for essentially is 2D platformer tutorials. Hollow Knight and games like it all follow that same framework. I found this in depth video tutorial on how to make one for yourself:

Unreal Engine 4 - Making a 2D Platformer in UE4 - Full Length

I hope the above solution gets you exactly what you are looking for!


Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I’ve checked this tutorial , and have followed it to some degree.
The thing is, that, nobody does the attack animation and I’m desperately trying to figure out how to. (attack animation blueprint, with everything included : damage taken/given, doing animation once, then doing the second attack, combo and so on.) every tutotial I stumbled upon was about jumping, idle, move and pretty much the basics, and I have them working fine, but when it comes to making the character a bit more complicated, I’m not able to find the necessarry tutorials for it.

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No problem @ForsakenEcho,

From here you want to fully flesh out your animation state machine. You will need to set variables that can can be triggered via blueprints like your character blueprint. For example, if you have a damaged animation, a “takeDamage?” bool should be called so your animation plays.

Here are the Unreal Docs on how to set up your animation state machine:
Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation: Setting up an Animation State Machine