Need help with Pac-Man World-like game

Hi there. I am incredibly new to UE4 but I am fascinated with the blueprint system and for the most part it seems to be much more enjoyable to use than Unity. However, I never got to importing custom art assets into that engine either and my coding was very novice. Anyway, I came here to ask for a bit of help and I apologize if I sound dumb or am expecting people to do stuff for me (I really just need tips/advice and some directions whenever possible. Nothing more.) but I’m trying to make a basic movement engine for a Pac-Man World fangame.

Pac-Man World being a 3D platformer from the early 2000’s. The first issue I have is replacing the default third person mannequin. I’ve tried importing it in the same folder and the game ends up giving me a ton of errors that it can’t fit the default skeleton. That really shouldn’t be a problem considering I wanted to replace these animations with my own to begin with but I can’t even seem to do that.

On the subject of animations, I’m also having trouble finding out how to animate within UE4 itself, just because the bone tree data sheet feels a lot more natural when compared to twisting and turning the bones around in Blender. I also can’t seem to fix up Pac-Man’s face, Considering this is a SFM model I’m using he has several sub/bodygroups used for animating his face and I can’t seem to figure out how to hide or get rid of them.

Anybody think they can help me out? My game is a non-profit fan project and nothing more, and will probably remain a private learning experiment moreso for a while. It’s been years since I used a gamedev tool since Gamemaker stopped it’s original versions for Studio and then Studio 2, And hearing how 3D fangame development isn’t that much harder (using ripped assets mostly of course) I figured I’d try my hand at doing something that would be easier than a 64 styled Mario game.

Really, any help possible would be appreciated just because I can barely find the tutorials I need for a lot of these questions I have. Again, You don’t need to code up a game template or animate for me, I just need more of a walkthrough for a lot of these aspects.

Hey i found this while i was making MY OWN Pacman World remake tell me what model are u using?

Sorry if this is extremely late, But I was using the Smash 4 model.