Need Help with object referencing different BP

Hi All,

  I have a custom resource and I am to reference the resource BP to the actual structure that is crafting it over time.. however I can not get the variable to propagate into the structure's BP. I have tried:
  1. Adding Objects as a variable as stated in direct blueprint communication UE4 Documentation to no avail.
  2. I have tried calling functions from within the Resource BP, still not propagating the variable.
  3. I have even tried referencing the Class of the BP and yet still nothing.

Here is what I have:


If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. AS a caveat I am trying to get the reference Blueprint Time To Craft variable from the resource BP and use it to add custom INI valuation to it. Any help would be greatly Appreciated! Thank you!

It’s not working because you’re not changing it. You’re setting it to itself. After the second branch, setting the object’s Blueprint Time To Craft should be set to the Float option, not to its original time to craft.

So Something Like this…



Now you have it backwards. You have to Get Float Option > Set Variable > Set Time To Craft. Alternatively, right after checking that the float option is >0, you could immediately set the object’s time to craft with it. In the first picture, all you had to do was take the green dot from “set blueprint time to craft” and connect it to “get float option”

I just made a copy of the oil pump and his inventory. Changed the Mesh and the produced item in time. And done :smiley:

i dont know its the same you want. But if you just want a structure producing an specific item or resource over time, this is whats works well for me :slight_smile:

He wants the over time production to be adjustable via .ini

I already did that without having to copy the inventory… although sounds alot easier than the approach i took. :slight_smile:

Could you possibly show me which one as I am confused about the graphing… I am able to retrieve the original value however I am not able to set it regardless if its client/server or dedicated. Your help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Fixed Typos

From PrimalItemResource, drag out “Set Blueprint Time To Craft” and just put the Get Float Option and Branches between the two.

OK so I took the original graph and made it as you suggested and I still get variable out of scope/failed to get variable property. After many failed attempts to inherit the value through direct blueprint communication and casting it still wont read the value to implement its change via the graph. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all your @Huston850 help.

Can I see your get float option logic? The shootergamemode has to be casted to server side. When I get home from work tomorrow I’ll open up my dev kit.