Need help with new club

So I am working on a new club. Everything works fine except I can not figure out how to get it to harvest extra organic polymer from the Kairuku. It seems to have something to do with the damage type because if I change that I do not get the bonus gather at all. Even if I make an exact copy of it. I tried adjusting the harvest damage multiplier but that seems to do nothing. Has any one tried this before? Does anyone know how I could go about changing it or what I would have to tweak?

Once again thanks in advance for all help :slight_smile:


Don’T quote me on that but I think you actually find that in the BP of the Kairuku. I think the damage type is referenced there so if you make your own you would have to reference it there too. Then to tweak how much polymer you get you would also have to change some modyfier in the Kairuku BP under your damage type. That might mean that you have to make a new Kairuku though. Can’t really check right now but I actually had a thread open on this issue once, you can probably find it in my profil. Hope that helps or at least inspires. :smiley:

Oaky so not quite as I said. In “DinoDeathHarvestingComponent_Tiny_OrganoPolymer”, which probably only the Kairuku uses (I wonder how the babys give even more), you have all the resoures listed you can harvest from the dino under “Harvest Resource Entries”. Under each of those under “Damage Type Entry Values Overide” you have the damage type they are harvestable with and under “Damage Type Entry Weight Overide” a value for each respective damage type which determines how much you get of it with a tool/dino with that damage type. For the club it is 1.5 which is high compared to the others with 0.7, 0.4 and 0.4. That should hopefully help some more. Oh, I think you can make a new/copy Harvesting component and remap it in your primal game data then you don’t have to make a new dino. I think it would mess with the stackability of your mod though.

Have you tried creating a child of the DmgType (if that’s possible, haven’t tried) and using that? I did something similar for taming and berries…since a child of a class is detected successfully as an instance of the class (e.g. a Lab is recognized as a dog too). If you know what I’m trying to say. :slight_smile: …should DmgType classes not be subclassable, sorry about that…I’m not at home and can’t check right now.

…but I guess at best, it would allow you to harvest with the same efficiency, since the amount of Polymer is not specified in the DmgType.

Thanks for all the helpful info as always every one. You all are great! Will look into everyone’s suggestions.