need help with new ARK mod idea

I want to make a Jet Set Radio Future type mod in ARK but idk how to do it. Can anyone help me to make this idea happen ?

here is a vid on JSRF if you dont know what the game is:

What part of this are you trying to replicate? Streets? Buildings? Guns? Fences? Music? Roller Blades?

oh the grinding on rails to start with not necessarily needing the rollerblades… my idea would be to put rails everywhere or have the player build them n maybe put the buildings in too… really those buildings should be easy ? just models ? i have not modded ARK so idk how to put models in yet but i assume it is easy that part. The grinding on rails i think would be tricky cos i dont know how to make flowgraphs for that or bps. Maybe someone could give me some help with those ? this would be made all for free anyways and just for fun

that is athe main front feature of that game it seems, you would have the same amount of luck making your own game as you would making that work in ark…