Need Help with nDisplay

I want to create a cave environment with 3 projector render to the front, left, right of the room.
I mock the project with scene capture 2d. Everything is working okay, except that I was hit with a performance hurdle(due to 1 pc render full hd resolution 3 times).
So I turned to nDisplay to ease the burden of gpu. I package the project from Unreal’s template without any modification right away. I have read the document, and modified the example config file to my setup(mainly, just IP).
My 2nd pc got a message from master pc to open the package file correctly. The window resolution and position worked as state in the config file.
But they did not render anything. Everything just went black.
This problem did not occur when I didn’t sync to the 2nd pc. When I just launch 5 instance on the same pc, nDisplay worked as intended.
The document did not have any guide on how to solve this.
please help me

Hi there,

What version of UE are you using? If you have time ahead of you, my recommendation would be to wait until 4.24 gets released in a few weeks or use the currently available previews for 4.24.
The driving factor in this suggestion is that we have significantly changed and improved nDisplay in this upcoming release.

Do you have more info about your project (projector resolution, qty of PC, connectivity diagram) to help us better understand your setup.
The good news is that this looks like quite a typical setup so hopefully we’ll be able to provide clarity to your problem soon.