Need help with my ladder solution

Hello! I have been building a simple ladder but there is still some tweaking i need to do! So this is my set. Image of my ladder in game

My ladder BluePrint

And finally my character blueprint when dealing with ladder

The system works but there are two things i have been wondering. First one is allowing my character to jump when Isclimbing is TRUE. The mode is set to flying so normal jumps wont work as expected. I was wondering to use forces or impulses but i could not get them working. i tried to map add impulse and add force when Isclimbing is true and action-jump is pressed but nothing happens. I don’t know how it should work. Any ideas? This is my major problem.

Second what i am figuring out is how can i climb “through the wall”. I planned to set ladders in game so that i can climb up to next floor. Obiviously i need to go through the floor when i am climbing and after climbing the floor should collade normally with player. Any ideas?

Any help would be much appreciated :).

Hi Frisco,

Here are a few links that may provide some info.

If nothing I listed here gets you on the right track, post back and let us know.