Need Help With My Hit Registration (WIP)

Hello I am currently working on a system I thought by myself (so I mean that in my head it work but I’m stuck at one point)
Basicly what I need to know is How to know which bullets hits (I mean by that what type, because I got 9mm’s; 7,62 and other type of ammo that give specific damage for exemple one 7.62 bullet does 29 dmg(I’m working with floats in my system)

You can check what I did with the screenshots that I shared

Usually you would do it like this:

Bullet Class OnHit -> Get Hit Actor -> Cast to Player Character -> True? -> Call Player Character Function: Apply Damage with Function Parameters: Hit Component & float DamageFactor of the Bullet

Inside the Apply Damage Function, you will calculate the damage based on the given Hit Component & Damage Factor.


Player Character) On Hit -> Get Hit Actor -> Cast to Bullet Class -> True? -> Get the Damage Factor from the Bullet class -> Call an apply damage function described like above.

There are alot ways todo it, but to define the bullet damage inside the character class, isn’t a good way todo it.