Need Help With my First Project :)

hey guys, i hope everyone is doing great :P, i just started using unreal engine 4 like 3 days ago, and i have never used this machine before or any other engines :)… Sooo i created an Simple room… in which their are A A A ALOOOTTT of mistakes , and i want a review from you guys :stuck_out_tongue: And please please look at the lighting cause i just picked up the lighting from visual and just dragged it around. I hope you guys give back feedback which can help me get really better at this.
Looking forward to being a part of this community.
Btw i have uploaded the picture and here it is…

Hey that looks good for a first attempt! :slight_smile: This should answer most all general questions you have about lighting: If you have anything specific i’m sure we can help.

Hey man ty for your feedback :slight_smile: im actually applying to architecture and they are asking for a portfolio with some designs thats why i started learning this. I really want to get netter at this if you can please help me with the level desiging how to get the windows setup for houses im looking forward to you you guys helping me and yes im looking at the lighting tutorial

Well ue4 is by no means meant for designing houses or building the architecture, you need a program like revit or AutoCad for something like that. For making the structure of the house, you need to build it in a program like 3ds max or maya in order to properly uv map and stuff like that. Unreal is only for materials, lighting, props and final renderings, but you first need to know how to make the building or room. I would recommend learning a bit more about 3ds max or related software before jumping into ue4, assuming you want to do archviz. There are few tutorials about this process (which is why I am currently making one) but get to know this workflow as it is very important