Need Help with movement controls for flying in direction of mouse

Hey everyone. I have a blueprint pawn that has controls for flight that works pretty well. for some reason the moment I try putting the same controls on a character (I want to eventually animate my spaceship for custom animations for landing and such) or change the static mesh in the pawn to a skeletal mesh, the controls break and won’t turn anymore.

Here is the blueprint I’m using for flight rotation.
Flight turn to mouse > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

It works perfectly on pawn (I used the default pawn that comes with flying template as a start)… but like I said… the moment I try putting a skeletal mesh on it or using the same control with a character I loose the ability to turn.

For the character, you need to use SetControlRotation. For the skeletal mesh, I have no idea I’m afraid.

i think i figured it out… was playing around and it broke with other pawns as well, than i realized that in order to achieve tihs type of mouse movement i was projecting the mouse 500 unreal units forward and than setting the rotation to where the mouse was projected… when dealing with ships that are larger (as the 23m long ships) the projected mouse was behind the ship and not in front… and caused the entire movement blueprint to bug out… added a new variable that auto added the ships length to the projected length and that fixed it… now to get it working on characters…

Ah, that’s good :slight_smile: