Need help with mobile game weird stuff happening

Hello everyone.

Ok so I am creating a mobile game. I have been successful on testing out the game on the kindle fire and a few other devices. Never really had any issues.

Than one day my kindle when firing up the game told me I no key code found or what ever that I need with google play. I looked into that and couldn’t find any solution for it at all because I didn’t package for distribution it was just for development.

So I got rid of that somehow. Than I took out most of my levels from the INI editor for the maps. The game loaded fine. So I put in my other maps again tried to test it out and the game will not load. It goes to a black screen for a split second than shuts down. No error no nothing when testing it out on the kindle. So i took out all the levels except the menu and same thing, so I took out the menu and added a level and same thing.

I have NO idea what is going on here. Can someone please shed some light may way. I know this works. It almost seems like the game might be crashing when I try to load it from the kindle, and if that is the case I have no idea why.

Is their some type of log I can look at from the kindle telling me what is going on when I try to fire up the game?

I was using 4.9 when these issues started. I than switched over to 4.10 and I believe that is when it wasn’t asking for that code anymore from google play store, but now the not loading is happening.

Never mind guys I have it figured out. In the server default map I changed that by accident that references the Engine/Entry map.