Need help with migrating content to new map

I am recreating a map from ut99 with ue4 for ut4 and i made the whole map with the blueprint first person shooter, when i realized that i needed to add the weapons into the map i realized i didn’t have them yet, so i forked the ut part through github and i can only access the guns and stuff in the unreal tournament.uproject, i was going to copy and paste the map into the unreal tournament uproject map and when i did, i lost all of my blueprints, textures, and portals, so i ruled that out, when i played the map with out all of that stuff i did have all of the weapons and the ut character, when i test my map normally i have that blue guy with the ball gun, is there anyway that i could convert my map from the blueprint first person shooter to the unreal tournament blue print? if that makes any sense…

Normally you just have to move the map into the content folder of the ut project + you also have to move all folders with the assets from your map -> do a right click onto the folders - migrate - choose the content folder of the other project :slight_smile:

Now in the new project you will also have to change the gamemode in the world properties to the one from ut

thanks! and how would i do that last part?

Do you mean this last part? -> just copy and paste your map into the new project + migrate your asset folders