Need help with Melee combat system - Weapon damage and overlaps

Hello. I’m making a game centered almost entirely around melee combat, and my vision for it is to allow the player to use many different weapons as well as the enemies all having unique attacks and weapons. I have a very, very basic idea of how to go about this, but it’s a mess. Basically I have an overlap detection for my character, and the enemy can only trigger it if they are doing the part of their animation I consider to be damaging. It works fine, but having to do this for potentially 100 different weapons and enemies would be a complete mess, and that’s disregarding the fact I want elemental damage and light/heavy attacks, or special attacks.

Another thing is that the player will likely need an absolute mess of BP because of the way I have it set up. I’m playing all of the animations within the ThirdPersonCharacter BP, so for all 3/6 attack patterns per weapon, times potentially 20-30 weapons by the end, that is an absolute mess. I know there is absolutely a better way to be doing this. This is just light attacks for the one weapon I’m currently using. I suppose I could make it a function but it would still need to run through 20-30 branches to see which weapon I’m using by the end.

My end goal is for every attack to check for all of your basic damage types plus a few others, so Blunt/Piercing/Slashing as well as Lightning/Fire/Ice and then Poison/Bleed build-ups. My game is like a lot of RPGs where you can pick from a selection of weapons, and your weapon isn’t character based, so I suppose I am right to have all the damage calculations within the weapon item itself, I’m just not sure how to translate all of this into an easy system.

Maybe I’m not far in enough to decide all this, as I don’t have an inventory system and I’m still using temporary assets, but it would help if someone could lend me their knowledge on this subject. Maybe one of you have implemented something like this.

If anyone is feeling super nice and would add me on Discord to text chat/send pics of BPs easier I’m Cody38#4553 on there.