Need help with master material for cave rocks

Hello guys, I’m preparing my first assets for marketplace, it will be called “Caves and Rocks”, but I have some problems during creation and also I have a few questions. First of all I want to create master material for all my assets since I created slightly different textures for every rock and now I’m thinking that this possibly was a mistake, that’s why I need master material for my buyers, but since I unwrapped every rock with “Unwrap UVW” I have padding on a texture and my material looking like this (First Image) and obviously when I’m trying to create “worldalignedtexture” and “worldalignednormals” to tile the texture then those paddings are visible. How can I overcome this, how to make my material covered with entire texture without paddings? Is there a way to do it in unreal with blueprints or I have to back to 3ds Max and make those UV’s differently? Here are some screenshots of my scene as well, feel free to give me some feedback since it is my first attempt to marketplace with 3D assets. Best regards, Marcin Klosowski

Hmm maybe this is stupid question overall, so please enlighten me guys if you can. Regards, Marcin

World aligned textures ignore UV,s they are for fully tileable textures not textures with UV shells. If you search google images for tileable texture you will see examples of them.