Need help with making damage on weapon blueprint editable!

hey could u tell me how to make a variable in my project? i want to make a variable that is publicly adjustable on a weapon blueprint but the damage goes through the player blueprint.
and then when it hits, i want it to deal the # of damage specified on that item.

i bought the rpg starter pack and i am really regretting it now because there is no proper documentation on how to use it, and they just suggest looking at the ue4 documentation. i am sooo unhappy. i paid all that money and there is no help whatsoever on how to use it. plz plz help!

I have not used the RPG Starter Pack but the way I deal with weapon damage is:
I have a weapon that has a variable “Damage” I set it per each weapon BP and this can be public -just check the eye next to the variable type
I then have a variable in the Player Pawn for held weapon that is a reference to the weapon BP
Next I have my damage system in the Player Pawn that gets its damage from the weapon held damage variable.

Sorry I don’t have any pics right now as I am on my break at work. I hope this helps if not I will try to get a screen shot up when I get home

I also wanted to add that the Generic Shooter BP on the market place is a great learning resource and starting point for shooters, I know not an RPG.
The Advanced Turn based Tile Tool Kit is also great. I have used both of these and have nothing but good thinks to say. The publisher for this one is fantastic on the forums and helps with nearly any issue people have with this Kit.

hey thanks man i bought that one too tho! im scrambling to learn everyhting i can, luckily my really good frined, who is an IT /c# C++ showed me in blueprints and walked me through it but i really appreciate your responce! i will post screenshots of how we did it in the chat and answer it “resolved” thanks tons dude! above and beyond!

Thank you, and good luck… if you ever need anything just send me a PM.