Need help with making architectural models

My project is about creating a Fort with interiors furnished with unmovable furniture. There will be several buildings that are not physically connected with each other though are a part of the fortification, but before I start I have a question.

Should I try to create the whole of the project, including the entire fort walls, all separate buildings, the interiors, and furniture in one single static mesh and import it to Unreal Engine? Or should I try to break it apart as much as possible; as in should I create the mesh for individual pieces of furniture separately and then add it?

I am trying to ask what is the most optimal way for creating the model of a large building with furnished interiors, because I have never done this before and I wish to avoid coming to a realization later on that I made a mistake or wasted my time. If possible please share any information/tip that I should know before I start creating the static meshes for this project.

Don’t do it as one large mesh, that will lead to all sorts of problems.

Break it down to walls, floors, ceilings etc. Not to the level of bricks.

Presumably, you’re doing this in an external package ( blender / maya etc ). On the Epic youtube channel there are tutorials covering the workflow from packages like this, a lot of people have problems.

Best thing is to do a small amount and make sure you can get it into the engine ( in terms of UVs, lightmap, LODs etc ). Before going too far.

You should definitely try to break it apart as much as possible and then import what you need for certain scenes/camera angles.

Yes, you should create all of the assets separately in something like blender or maya, or buy from the marketplace.