Need help with making a trigger with interface

Hi, I’m making a zone that will spawn the bot.
My idea: the player crosses the trigger box, the box sends a signal to the spawn zone and the bot appears.
Question: how to send a signal to several specific zones: the ones that I choose?
Can this be done with interfaces and can you show a simple example?

I cant see why not you can use a box collision as your trigger(Zone) when walking into it call the interface to send a message trigger spawn… I use interface to open any door I look at (with a line trace) when pressing interact button just use the same call on each you want. make your interface then on each spawn by going to class settings at the top panel will show the option at the side select the relivent interface you should see the blue box on the corner of the call indicating the interface message is linked to the bp that triggers it in my case a line trace when looking at a door the on interact shows an envalope in the corner that sends the message to all on interact users if I’m looking at you and i have pressed interact DO YOUR THING in this example a door to open

Thanks but you didn’t understand me. The question about the way to choose the right spawnzone. In your example you use linetrace to choose right door, but i think this is not great idea here. I was thinking about several arrays of spawns, but i’m not sure about this.