need help with making a trench

i’ve been playing around with ue4 for the past 5 months, but now i think it’s time to get serious, so i started a small WW1 project (making a map based on ypres)
so ofcourse the first thing i do is get some textures, make a terrain and texturize it.
now that i have a flat terrain, i’d like to start adding trenches, but how does one do that? making them with the terrain editor is horrible and tedious ( i used scale to scale down then flatten to flatten the surface)
i need something better, does anyone know some tips or tricks on how to make a good trench?

for example:

as you can see it’s very narrow, and slightly crooked, doing this with the terrain editor is almost impossible with my knowledge.

This is where you start using Static Meshes to create the trenches instead of using the Landscape.

You can set the ‘Visibility’ of Landscape segments, which also removes the collision as well. Doing this will allow you to fill the gap with whatever shaped mesh(es) you want.

i don’t completely understand the visibility part. how does one do this?

I commend you for playing around with the engine - but I don’t think people realize what kind of time commitment outside of research goes into content creation. This is a bit of a necro-post - but people seem to be into Arizona Sunshine so you know what to do lol

To create a static mesh - you need a 3D modeling package - 3DSMax, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Creo - many options here. Need to somehow get the format to FBX.

Then place in your level. The visibility issue (from what I understand) is an issue where the engine doesn’t know what to render - so you’ll get this tearing or stuttering around the terrain that is very near/interfering with the surface. You can see this in a lot of games if you know where to look for it. Being to set the visibility is a cool feature!

Going to have to put that trick in the back pocket for now!

for crating a ww1 enviornment TheCGNinja - YouTube

the playlists are quiet jumbled up but I am sure U’ll get it . After U create the environment, Import the textures with bump maps and all the components required to make realistic texture . If not satisfied with the material use crazy bump for better results