Need help with Lift Blueprint tutorial!!

Everything works except my reverse matinee section for some reason, I see the EndOverlap firing into the Reverse function but my matinee refuses to reverse!

If I jump up/leave the platform to trigger EndOverlap nothing happens.

Hey Matt,

What happens if you pull your triggerbox volume up a bit so it’s flush with the lift like so:


Everything else looks good.

EDIT: I can’t tell if your box is flush or if it’s in the lift platform at all. Either that or your character’s capsule collision may be hitting the volume still when you jump (even though the feet are clearing the trigger box).
EDIT: Last, what’s your Matinee looking like… may need to trim the extra time off the end of your timeline after your last keyframe.

my trigger box does sit on the platform perfectly

Yeah, I noticed that it might be after I looked closer. Strange, is there extra time at the end of your movement track in your matinee? I’ve thrown it together and I’m able to get it to reverse without problems.

Here’s my matinee Dropbox - Error now looking at it that might be the case, i’ll shrink it and see what happens.

Nope, nothing. How do I save changes made to matinee? Seems like going to file > save within matinee only closes matinee and saves the map.

Would also be helpful if matinee would end the animation at the last key frame by default, as I don’t remember adding any extra time at the end of my matinee.

From this: Dropbox - Error

The only time I get both to fire off as seen in the image is when the box overlaps the platform (also the only time it doesn’t reverse for me). What happens if you raise the box so it’s floating above the Lift and not flush.

Matinee will save automatically when you exit it too (and the extra time at the end won’t matter, just baffling me why it’s not working). :slight_smile:

Yeah that was it! Moving the trigger a few inches above the platform fixed it! Weird. Is that a bug or how it’s supposed to be?

I think by default triggers will fire an overlap event when they overlap any dynamic object that has collision enabled. So in this case, an easy solution would be to set the trigger’s collision preset to “Custom” and then un-check everything except “Pawn”, so it will only register overlaps from pawn classes.

Yep, that is the correct way to do it. The reason why it would trigger by default is that the developers were not going to assume that whatever you are trying to trigger is set off by a pawn class. An example may be a grocery store door. It just senses movement and the doors open up. Definitely use custom if there is any inkling that you may want to restrict some things from triggering a trigger event.

I’ve finally got it working too, thanks guys but I am having an issue with a custom FPS controller. It plays the matinee, but looking at the BP nodes, it’s running both, so when i stay on the lift, it stutters. Does anyone else have that problem?