Need help with Landscape Texture

Hi there, I need some help with setting up a terrain master material. There is some kind of texture I need to create, but I don’t know how it’s called. Maybe someone can give me a hint.

This is the kind of texture I need. Taken from example Project.

Of course I get errors without it, as you can see in my setup:

I really can’t find out what I need to do to create such a texture. Please help.

Thanl you in advice

If you click on ‘View’ in the top left corner of the texture viewport (the top image you posted) you’ll be able to select and view each colour channel of that texture individually, each channel will have a different texture inside of it, for EXAMPLE:

Red - Roughness
Green - Metalness
Blue - Ambient Occlusion

In the bottom image you posted, the texture sample is separated into 3 channels that lead into different inputs, so you can see what each channel of the texture is for, and work out what you to create.