Need help with landscape creation

Hey guys!
For my final assignment I have to build an nature environment of choice. But I’m getting quite frustrated at the moment.
I have absolutely no idea what approach I have to take on creating landscapes…
My first attempt was creating a human size cube and a tower cube of 700m. I placed the tower way back until it looked right like in my concept. I thought this would help me getting the sense of scale right. Also working with correct values.
My problem was however that I’m limited in the sculpt brush size so I couldn’t properly build hills and shapes. The brush size was way too small for a large landscape like that…

My second attempt was to scale everything down and that is what you can see in the image below. However it’s still a pain to work with, the tools are super sensitive and the scale is also way off.
So my question is if anyone has general or workflow tips on how I best tackle this kind of landscape? I was thinking of trying out world machine but it looks pretty complex. Or maybe another way to create heightmaps…
Because I feel like I’m seriously wasting my time messing with these tools.
Critique on the concept is also welcome :slight_smile:


If you’re interested in using World Machine, and find it a bit complex, I have a basic guide on my blog explaining how to make basic terrains and importing these into UE4. You can find my blog here:

Looks interesting! I guess I’ll take another look at WM

The free version of WM is quite limited in the size of landscapes it can export. Another option would be to find heightmaps online (there are plenty of sources), then resize/level them in Photoshop/Gimp. That would give you a good starting point, then you can use the UE sculpt tools to tweak them from there.

That’s a good suggestion, I might google for some other tools too.
I’m also going to ask my teacher and sees what he says about it. Will post updates here :slight_smile:

Ok, got some decent results from WM, and it’s easier now to change stuff in ue4. I can always export the heightmap and throw it in wm again for some tweaks.

I’m now trying to create some good materials. I’m trying to blend different grass textures with color adjustments etc so that the textures don’t look so tileable.