Need help with knockback gun scripting

here is my blueprint. it is in the fps template. I am very new to unreal so please dont use complicated terms! ty!

Hey @nunanunaa! Welcome to the forums!

Your problem is that the nodes that are broken do not have the right object attached as “self” will not work. On the left of the nodes that say “ERROR” there is a pin (what you use to connect the nodes). Your top node needs a “first person camera” and the bottom mode needs the character movement component, both of which are not on your projectile.

Let me know if that was the clarification you needed!

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Thank you for answering! So I should put the blueprint somewhere else? or find other nodes?

Hey @nunanunaa,

This event would make more sense located on your character as is, so that way you have access to the necessary assets and, I’m assuming, your projectile is being spawned after shooting, meaning the blueprint would never fire off in the first place as the blueprint does not yet exist in the scene.

Try moving the controls to wherever your character controls are and let me know if that works.

Hey @nunanunaa!

Checking in! Did the above solution work for you? Did you still need help with your blueprints?