need help with idea if its possible dealing with wind?

im trying to use a character to move around and where he travels it becomes very windy, but only when hes in these areas. I was gonna set up a trigger box around him and try doing an impulse to allow the illusion but it does more towards a parting not moving them all in one direction, anyone got any ideas of what may work? like a way to isolate the wind directional source to only affect zones that can be mobile.

I ended using speedtree to get closer to what I’m trying to do, but I’m missing something still in the level blueprint to validly Change the wind speed on an overlap.

Think if its worth the hassle. Player (as human playing) will only see those windy areas, so you basically want to make windy game.

Anyway back to topic.

You have two nice events: onbeginOverlap, and on ednoverlap, use them.

Now how to manage your windy actors. You need some very simple way to update wind direction etc.
I would suggest event dispatcher that is in GameMode or game state (because those two ere easiest to access from different blueprints).
So store wind direction and player position there (make event that stores those). When you call that event to update, fire also dispatcher that will inform all windy actors that change was made.
Also fire that update event every 0.25 sec or so to keep things moving.

Windy actors need also two more events: one that tells them they are active (after they triggered on begin overlap, and onother that tells them they are inactive after triggering endoverlap)

And extra nice thing would be if you closed all that logic inside blueprintable component, then you can just drop such component on any actor and make it aware of wind.

Lmao. It is always worth. Even if it’s not totally relevant or necessary to the project.

Does always also include 30FPS drop for no good game mechanic?

Thanks for the help I’ll try something if it doesn’t work I’ll add a photo of the blueprint.

heres what I got but I know im missing something still to validate that it changes

not the best I know still new

You are using sequence wrong way. And add variables.

It’s the 2nd pair of sequence and the missing variables from the wind source right?

Or the ones coming from the windtrees?

Still no luck I feel like I’m overlooking it.