need help with healthbar

Hey guys,

i need help with my healthbar in terms of when i take damage (set to f key for now, it subtracts 10 from my health) how do i show visual damage to healthbar so it goes down smooth instead of chunk by chunk everytime i get hit?

this is the stuff inside of the widget blueprint.
character health function
the damage key

if someone could tell me exactly what i need to do and where i need to implement it eg my characters blueprint or the widget blueprint it would be greatly appreciated.


thank you :slight_smile: would you happen to also have something simpler i could use, i should start with the basic stuff otherwise i dont think il be learning, instead il be copying, will definitely use this when im used to it.

Bindings are probably not for you if you need to interpolate between values the way most games do. You should probably have an event on character when health changes, hook it in the health bar on construct. Stack two progress bars, the top one is the real HP, bottom is the temp HP. Update the progress on the temp bar every tick/callback until it matches the real HP.

could you possibly show me how the blueprint should look for something like that? it would really help thanks

As a tip, create a HUD blueprint and have that call a UMG to the view port. That way you can do all of you ui logic on the HUD blueprint and not your character.

a bit late, but i find this very helpful

Regardless of how late it is, its what i wanted to see, thanks for this Harcarik :slight_smile: