Need Help with Heal-Mod

i need help with my mod.
I want to add follwong items in my mod:

  1. Bandages / Heals on use 25 Hp
    My Engram is ok and my “consumable bandage” an heals me i UE4 (Copy of Stimulant-Consumable)
  2. First-Aid-Kit / Heals 75 HP and Buffs u and heals for 30 sec over time (my wish 100 HP) /Only can Use it every 60 Secs.
    My Engram is ok and i can produce it. (Must first learn Bandages / later i will add only to produce it in the Mortel and Pestle)(Copy of Stimulant-Consumable)
    I have added a new buff. (Heal-Sign / Copy of Bleeding) Changed the Effect to heal 0.2 %
    I havent figered out yet how to change it (100 HP in 30 Secs)

Main Problem:
3. Dino Heal-Kit.
Engam and producable.Also useable as "Remote-Item in Dino-Back
But the Dino get no heal ??
I have tried it with copien the “RawMeat and Mejo-Berrie and Narcotics” but no “heal-effect”
It has been always consumed without a effect, and yes i have damaged the dino before testing… :slight_smile:

Can somebody help me. And any specials to know to get the Mod clean for Steam uploading ??


if you want a dino heal kit

  1. make sure the option to “allow remote use in inventory” is checked
  2. make sure “force use item add character stats on dino”
  3. make sure that there is no “only usable on specific classes” objects (or add the dino base class for all dinos)

Hi Hugo,
many thanks.
Point 1 was always checked.
But point 2 was lost by copien the normal blueprint form the core…
Checked it and all ok Dino get healed.
Point 3 had no entries all the time…

Now i must implent the healing-Paste to the Core-Pestle…cross ur thumbs :stuck_out_tongue:
I will ask u if i need more help…

Thxs a lot…

Hey I got your messages, Seems like you are on the right track, for anyone else curious on how this works. A reference item would be the blood_extraction kit as it can only be used on players (no drawing blood from dinos) it also gives an item on use, it also shows how a timed cooldown works (can only use every 5 seconds)

Jepp used it all…
now im working on the adding an engram to the pestle…but it not works…mh
Updated now:
Healing-Paste ( 12.5 HP) made in the Pestle
The Bandage ( HelingPaste + Fiber)
HUman-Kit with bandages and bloodpack
Dino-Pack with bandages /cooked primemeat and10 Azurberries…

But the Pestle don´t accept my engram of the helaing Paste. Added the requiement to the BP Healingpaste to use the Pestle (Crafting requires Inventory C.)
Any ideas ??

Mh…throw this Pestle Idea away…uses now Core-Item Medic-Soup…much easier…
Now the final test to go online…

All ok and here the link.

Did some fixes for your mod’s description. Don’t take this as a sign of aggression. Just correct spelling for most, and some sentence structure. EDIT: Forgot to mention. Bolded items are corrections

Adding Bandages, FirstAid-Kit for Humans and Dinos

**Cosmetic** of the Descriptions and Engrams
**Added** missing Cooldowns
Updated Engram-Requirements for **FirstAid-Kit (Human)**
Changed Sounds and Animations

Bandages: LVL 10 / **6 Engram Points**
Heals 40 HP / Cooldown 15 Sec.
5 Fiber
1 Ratshake Medical Brew (Core-Reciepe) ( CookingPot: 1 Water/ 2 Narcotics / 10 TinoBerries)

FirstAid-Kit (Human): LVL 50 / **15 Engram Points**
**Engram Prerequisites: Bandages**
Heals 120 HP and **Buffs you** for 15 Sec **(Healing - 20% of Max HP over Time)**
Cooldown 30 Sec.
3 Bandages
1 Bloodpack 

FirstAid-Kit (Dino) : LV 50 / **15 Engram Points**
**Engram  Prerequisites: Bandages and FirstAid (Human)**
Heals 175 Hp of **your** Dino / Cooldown 30 Secs. Only for Dino as Remote-Item
3 Bandages
2 **Cooked** Meat
10 AzualBerries