Need help with guns

Greetings. I’m a very new to unreal engine and experimenting a lot and creating a game at the moment.

Everything went well until I decided to add guns. I made a Master Blueprint and child blueprint. I looked up some tutorials how to do it. My problem is, when I play PLAY, 2 guns spawn. 1 gun is just a mech (In my hand) and another miles away. Second one is the one that suppose to be in the hand, since it can shoot. Second weapon always spawns in right side and “follows” my hand, although it’s very far away. As told before, I’m very new, tried searching for awnsers but couldn’t find any.

Image to see what’s happening ----> ://imgur/a/kd7cu

How do you spawn your gun/from where do you attach it to your character? :slight_smile:
Make sure to attach your gun blueprint to a socket from your character + make sure that it’s aligned correctly (with the preview in the socket editor)

Give this a whirl…

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Building Basic Weapon Mechanics 2 v=eFps5e7NSP0
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I would also follow the Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial by Epic Games themselves.