Need help with grid

Hey there! I’ll try to keep it very brief. Currently I’m trying to make a grid blueprint that creates something like this. I’d really appreciate if you guys could help me!

Very easy way to get wireframe is:

Thanks for your reply ClockworkOcean! I used this wireframe techinique and it worked partially. Is there any way to remove those diagonal lines? Also, any ideas on how to increase/decrease the thickness of the wire?

Yeah, you can’t because it’s actually the real wireframe :slight_smile:

If you want to be able to do that sort of thing, then you have to make a fake wireframe material:

There is a material in the marketplace i use. Its called customizable grid i think

You can modify it to fit your needs…tomizable-grid

Sorry for the late response, and thank you guys! Soon I’ll test these options you proposed and keep you updated. Really appreciated!