Need help with FScriptArray and filling it with TArray data

I am trying to load data from a file into a blueprint TArray variable.
I dont know how to cast the TArray to FScriptArray correctly or is that the issue?

bool UCronoGameDataHelper::SetBoolArrayByName(UObject * target, FName varName, TArray<bool> newVar)
    	UArrayProperty* arrayProp = FindField<UArrayProperty>(target->GetClass(), varName);
    	if (arrayProp && arrayProp->Inner->IsA<UBoolProperty>())
    		const FScriptArray& sArray = (const FScriptArray&)newVar;
    		// TODO: Cast does not work?
    		arrayProp->SetPropertyValue_InContainer(target, sArray); // This is causing an error
    		return true;
    	// TODO: Add logging
    	return false;

When arrayProp->SetPropertyValue_InContainer(target, sArray); is called I get void operator=(const FScriptArray&) { check(false); } failing from ScriptsArray.h

Im on 4.19

I also encountered this problem. Have you solved it?