Need Help With FPS Game

I am starting on a new FPS Game. I am 16, a one man team right now, and kinda new at this and I need a lot of help. i have great ideas for this game and if i get help, and a trailer and a short demo gets made i will throw it up on kickstarter to fund the project. I want this game to have amazing graphics and an amazing storyline that will mess with peoples emotions. I don’t want this game to look cartoony. I have the trailer planned out but not the game itself. I need pretty much a whole team. Ex: level designer, Character designer, modeler, Developer for the game itself, Gameplay Programmer, Texture artist, UI Programmer, etc. I am able to do a little bit in the game development, Graphic design, video editing for example the trailer, testing the game, and meeting with the team to plan out the game. Welcome to EdgeWater Games!

I’m also a begginer, so that project might be a chance for me.
I can be level Designer.
If you are intrested, E-mail me:
Good luck.

I am a real level Designer and I am also looking for people to work with :slight_smile:
I have about 2 years of experience under my belt and I would really like to help you if I could
Maybe I could get your skype or some other way to contact you.