Need Help With Fixing Level Up System (Won't change current level when xp requirement is met)

I have been working on a level up system for my shooting game but I ran into a problem. My problem is that when I reach the required xp to get to level 2 it won’t update my current level and change it to 2. I will provide some screenshots of the coding for the level up system.

Screenshot #1 -
Screenshot #2 -
Screenshot #3 -

Thank you,
Thrillride Games

Make sure the HUD your game is using is actually the HUD you have those events in. Beware of multiple HUDs with the same/similar names.

Also, your variable here should not be XP, this should be your level.


If neither of these fix your problem, not sure what it could be.

Can you post further screenshots via software rather than camera?
Gyazo is a popular choice, but lightshot has a PC version, IIRC.

Hey KorkuVeren,

Thank you for replying to my post. I tried the things you said and they didn’t work.

I took more screenshots of everything that included the level up system.

Here they are: