Need help with Dino Harvesting

Hi everybody.

I need help with the autocollect function for dinos. I want to make some dinos can also collect berries,wood,thatch…etc via wandering. (like the monkey,bigfoot,beaver…)
I just test it on a Jerboa (creat a hole new character_bp) and enable: wild ambient harvesting,tamed wander harvest
Set a animation (jerboa eat in that case)
Wild ambient Class: SeedHarvestComponent
Tamed Harvest DMG: DmgType_Melee_BigfootHarvest

When i test it ingame the jerboa starts walking, goes to a bush,play the animation but no dmg/gathering at the bush.He also got nothing in his inventory. It seem it misses the script for harvest that bush / deal the damage / whatever.

Someone figured it out how to get this to work? (on new dinos, edit the orginal dinos is working)

Sorry if my english isn´t that good. I´m from Germany.