Need help with diagonal backwards animations

I made a quick video to demonstrate my issue.

sorry for all the wind, bad microphone is bad.

I also tried searching the answerhub and forum but couldn’t really find anything useful.

would i need special animations just for this?

Thanks a lot in advance =D

The problem here is that your “left” and “right” animations have too much “forward” in them. The player isn’t literally sidestepping, he’s playing a forward-walk-type animation which is oriented leftward/rightward.

Your blend is busted because the engine is trying to figure out what halfway between “walking left while facing left” and “walking backward facing forward” would be, and the result is not “walking back-left facing forward-right” as you seem to expect.

There are two options here; one is to create a version of your left and right walk anims which are backward (i.e. moving left by backing-up-from-the-right and vice versa) so the anims are close enough to yield a logical middle ground.

The other is to do what I do in my game, and only create TWO walk anims, a forward and backward, and choose which one to play based on whether the player is moving toward or away from the front hemisphere of the control rotation, and then use aim offsets to twist the torso into a “looking forward” pose.

Well which would be a good direction to go with depends on the type of animations you are using. If in place you would have to account for speed (velocity) but in theory you can and should use 2d blend spaces to stage the necessary 8-way movement. Long way of saying it’s best practice to author the required animations than it is to try and patch clip A to work with direction B.

If it helps I did a play blast for my team to let them know what I was working on at the time using root motion, a bit dated, but an 8-way blend space is a good starting point and you would only need to adjust the input value to account for speed.


I did find a way to fix it without having to set up a new blendspace.
The replies were really appreciated. =)

If anyone wants to know how i fixed it, just let me know. i will make a quick video. (don’t know if it’s the best computer efficient fix, but who knows.)

Some time has passed since your last message but could you please show how you fixed it?