Need Help with custom Editor Mode Plugin

So I want to write a Editor Mode Plugin wich can Edit the Data of custom Navigation Tiles. I never wrote a plugin for ue4 befor and I struggle to get the STableRow to work. I want to achieve a Slot similar to the Static Mesh or Material References in the Editor but with my TileData DataAsset.


If I try to use the STableRow (I dont even knof if it is the right Slate for whot I want to achieve) I get:
*C2660 "STableRow<UTileData >::Construct": fonction does not accept 1 Argument (or similar. had to translate)
This is the Code:

#include "TileEditorEdModeToolkit.h"
#include "TileEditorEdMode.h"
#include "Engine/Selection.h"
#include "Widgets/Input/SButton.h"
#include "Widgets/Text/STextBlock.h"
#include "EditorModeManager.h"
#include "STableRow.h"
#include "STableViewBase.h"
#include "./TBS_FH/TileData.h"

#define LOCTEXT_NAMESPACE "FTileEditorEdModeToolkit"


void FTileEditorEdModeToolkit::Init(const TSharedPtr<IToolkitHost>& InitToolkitHost)
    struct Locals
        static bool IsWidgetEnabled()
            return GEditor->GetSelectedActors()->Num() != 0;

        static FReply OnButtonClick(FVector InOffset)
            USelection* SelectedActors = GEditor->GetSelectedActors();

            // Let editor know that we're about to do something that we want to undo/redo
            GEditor->BeginTransaction(LOCTEXT("MoveActorsTransactionName", "MoveActors"));

            // For each selected actor
            for (FSelectionIterator Iter(*SelectedActors); Iter; ++Iter)
                if (AActor* LevelActor = Cast<AActor>(*Iter))
                    // Register actor in opened transaction (undo/redo)
                    // Move actor to given location
                    LevelActor->TeleportTo(LevelActor->GetActorLocation() + InOffset, FRotator(0, 0, 0));

            // We're done moving actors so close transaction

            return FReply::Handled();

    const float Factor = 256.0f;

    SAssignNew(ToolkitWidget, SBorder)
            + SVerticalBox::Slot()


FName FTileEditorEdModeToolkit::GetToolkitFName() const
    return FName("TileEditorEdMode");

FText FTileEditorEdModeToolkit::GetBaseToolkitName() const
    return NSLOCTEXT("TileEditorEdModeToolkit", "DisplayName", "TileEditorEdMode Tool");

class FEdMode* FTileEditorEdModeToolkit::GetEditorMode() const
    return GLevelEditorModeTools().GetActiveMode(FTileEditorEdMode::EM_TileEditorEdModeId);


I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.