Need help with creating multiplayer system

Hey, the thing is, I wanna make a multiplayer game,
But I want to make it so that, like alot of popular games there will be ‘official servers’
That you don’t have to host, but the server is always open.
The server itself is using the steam subsystem.
Any idea how to do that kind of thing? linking tutorials as well will also be greatly appreciated

Cedric Exi Unreal Multiplayer Googles

This is called a “Dedicated Server”. It’s a Server that runs without any Clients. The thing you don’t want is a “Listen Server”.

You can read more about that by checking out my Compendium.

NOTE: To finally build your Dedicated Server, you need to download the complete Source of UE4 from GitHub. The Launcher Version does not support that.
As long as you only test it locally on your computer, you can use the Launcher Version. You “only” need the Source Version if you want to build a standalone application of your Dedicated Server.

NOTE2: Steam + Dedicated Servers are “buggy” and not supported out of the box. You will need to perform a Pull Request (don’t have the link now) to make the Server properly register at the Steam MasterServer.
Of course while developing you don’t directly need to have Steam enabled etc. I would suggest developing your game first and then implementing Steam once you have a stable base.

thank you very much you helped me a lot