Need help with, Creating item usage via menu?

Hello, I started using UE4 a few months ago with zero knowledge at all XD
(never did any computer related stuff exapt playing games)

I used every tutorial that in my opinion helped me with my project creating an action RPG (something like Zelda and Dark souls for example).
But I got stuck with a little problem and couldnt find any solution at all maybe there is jsut a tiny thing that I miss or cant find, after looking for weeks now (not kidding) I’m at a point where a can’t move on anymore.

Heres the thing:
I want to make usable items that I can use from the Inventory Widget for example potions that gives lets say 50 Hp back etc.
There is an Item that is really important for the rest of my project and that is the Teleporter which I will show you in the Picture below! (Database1)

The Teleporter is the Item that allows you to travvel to a specific Level in the game where the magic is happening. :wink:
The effect should be take the Player from everywhere by using the item, back to the Hometown. (like the Homewand bone in darksouls i guess).

I’m using a Database structure that allows me by changeing the item ID on the map it will change the actual item on screen which is very nice I think so I dont need to make idk 20 different items I’m sure you see the point.
So is there a way to add effects into the Database something like in my question an “open Level” code to the Database? (Database2)
Or anything else like heal HP, damage enemies etc.

Would be very helpful for my future contant, thank you for helping ^^