Need help with constant Mouse axis input

im trying to make a Descent style Zero-G space shooter, the controls all work however i was thinking of switching the input to a style like Elite:Dangerous the further you move your mouse out the faster you rotate or turn but going back to the middle stops you entirely in the current position

here is the example


Thanks in advance!

is there any ideas?

From what i see cant you just conceptually base it off a Gamepad control setup by multiplying the axis value in the mousex n y by 10 lets say and then the axis would effectivly be axis rate 1.0 * 10 at full range lowering back to zero at rest?

ill have to look into how to do that, thank you for a starting point, ill try it!

i would also really like to know how to make this happen. as my current setup requires the player to physically move there mouse to keep turning