Need help with cameras

I am trying to connect a camera to the default character for a 3rd person game, something like GTA, Witcher, Fable.
I have seen a number of videos that talk about cameras but i have yet to find one that does about 3rd person.
could anyone show me “HOW” to do that?
full steps of what i need to do would be most helpful.

Hi Spy46,

You could potentially copy the camera from the Third Person template. The project I’m working on currently has been built on top of this template and it’s setup has worked well for us for the most part; it’s been tweaked and customized a bit in our project, but I believe the component setup is still the same as in the template, with a Camera component attached to a spring arm component attached to the CapsuleComponent of the player’s Character object.

just parent the camera to your character in the character blueprint

I am very new to Unreal, I used it once back in 08 or 09 and it was just importing 3d objects and setting up collision for creating a level, I am kind of going in blind here ^_^;

I am also the kind of person that needs a map with A to B to C instructions, lectures have never helped me.

ok: this video tutorial should be able to walk you through all the steps to customize the camera from the third person template, this is essentially the same process we went through to start our current project:

I made a bunch of videos years ago about setting up a basic TPS character including the camera view. The tutorial series is a bit dated but could still be useful as a starting point. Link

Thanks for the help guys, I will look them over as soon as I can :slight_smile: