Need help with camera system and trigger volume

Hi like in the topic i have problem with camera system and trigger volumes, i set up some cameras with trigger volumes to switch between theme but as you can see in the photo i manage to do something like this when you walk away from trigger volume with camera A camera change to C but if i want to walk from A to B for a moment there is a view from camera B but after that moment view changing to C, can i somehow make direction in trigger volume for example if i leave trigger volume in left side it change to camera B otherwise it change to C?
PS. Sorry for bad English

I’m not sure, but I think you have overlapping boxes? That’s going to give you a headache.

Instead of putting the volumes in the camera BP, why not do it like this:


You can place your trigger volumes in the level, and each camera can have more than one, so you can do L shapes, but none of them overlap:


You assign them to the camera like this:


It’s just an editor visable array of trigger boxes in the camera BP:


EDIT: Also, it means all you have to do is place the camera and boxes and it all works, no level BP stuff :slight_smile:

I followed your instruction and get an error, how to fix that?

Can I see your BP? When it gives you that error, it means you’re accessing nothing.

If you do the stuff in the list, it should work.

  1. BP with a camera and the array which will hold the boxes ( it’s an array of trigger volumes )

  2. Put the camera in the level

  3. Make the boxes in the level for this camera ( they are trigger volumes )

  4. Click on the camera in the level and assign the boxes

That’s it :slight_smile:

Yeah it work it’s changing camera but still giving me error

Try clicking on the word ‘branch’ at then right hand end of the error. Where does it take you?

These things must all be filled or deleted:


You can’t have any empty ones…

I closed my project and open again and no errors, i don’t know what was the issue but thanks for help works perfect :smiley:

Ha! Great :wink: