Need help with buff from tek sniper

Hi Guys, i hope anyone can help me.
I work on a Mod for better Tek items, now the tek sniper is my Problem there is a Scope Buff called X-Ray.
I copied this in my Mod and from the tek sniper the x-ray mod dosen’t work. So i have open the Buff Blueprint and find some errors.
Now the last error makes me a big problem. In the Buff is used a function called Is X-Ray Active and i can’t find this function on my Buff Blueprint.
This function have the wrong target, how can use this function with the right target from the TekSniperBetter? I have marked this function on the screenshot.

Can everyone tell me how can get this function with the right target? I can’t connect MySniper to Is X-Ray Active and i can’t find the function in this blueprint.
Here is the original Buff Blueprint, i marked here the same place.

I have changed MySniper to my new Sniper “TekSniperBetter” the new sniper have no errors but i can find the function Is X-Ray Active in my new sniper. I can not find this in my Buff Blueprint.

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english.

My guess is that the variable “MySniper” needs to be set to your copy

variable “MySniper” is set to my new tek sniper. I need the function is x-ray active from the new sniper.

Is the TekSniperBetter a copy or a child of the TekSniper ?
Can you include your pictures as attachments, so that we can see it’s full size view when clicking them?

The Tek Sniper was a Child, but i have fixed the error.