Need help with BP Comm(Please)

Well Hey, i need Help to Create an Blueprint, I want that Communicate 2 BPS between( PLS dont Send links to Documentation ETC; i already checked all of them but Nothing Works)

SO i have an Sign Blueprint , and an Named Area Trigger , its Like ITS ??? The Name of the Area Until i read my Sign was is Setting the after Open the Sign and Add into the Viewport Is readed shield boolean True.

But in my Named Area Trigger i CANT to COmmunicate between my Sign BP , i Tryt Everything

Casts,Functions,Dispatchers,Direct Communicaten with Reference. still Nothing Works.

The Second is in the Opend Shield/readed Function( There are No Output because i already was trying with and it doesnt worked)

and here are the Named area BP:

and yeah the Tick and the Sequencer will be removed,and replaced by Set TImer by Event, Because otherwise its getting Performance Problem 1 Second - 1FPS,…but for now i just want that i can Communicate between this BP

Hope Someone can Help me…i was trying it really a Long Time now… but it Doesnt Worked.